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am i photogenic?Hello there...I'm Sal.
(Yes, there is actually a person behind all this) I was born and raised in San Diego. I love this city. How much, you ask? Well, so much that I built a site that features stories by you and me. I felt that it was also time to get some of this writing out onto the web, and share what I know about America's Finest City. I hope that wherever you are, you get a little bit of Southern California from reading these little scribbles of mine and everybody else. Oh, and be sure to leave your own scribble over in the Your Stories section.

How This Works
I've divided the site up into two principal areas: my stories and your stories. Your stories are the stories you contribute. In this section, you can cut and paste your story in the form and it will publish automatically.

Be sure to write and post full stories, not comments. In other words, don't just write something off the top of your head. Think about it. Feel it. Be yourself.

An enormous thanks to my family, who have always inspired me.

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